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Nice to meet you!

Hello. After practicing veterinary medicine in the Baltimore area for over a decade I have recently relocated to the Denver area – drawn by the sunshine and mountains. I am excited to serve my new home by providing relief veterinary coverage for area clinics and by offering a behavior consultation service to pet owners.

Relief Veterinarian

A 2005 Mississippi State University graduate, I have worked primarily in small animal general practice – with occasional dabblings in other areas. From 2006-2019, I worked full-time in a small animal practice in Baltimore building the communication, medical, and technical skills I am now pleased to share as a relief veterinarian in the Denver metro area.

How Can I Help You?

Experienced and competent with all aspects of general wellness and medical practice, I am open to performing routine surgeries after becoming familiar with your practice (I do not do dental work or orthopedics). I have a special interest in behavior and enjoy counseling clients and working up pet behavior issues; I am happy to work with your clients at your practice to address their pet’s behavior concerns.

As a relief veterinarian I will strive to make my transition into your practice as smooth as possible for your clients and staff. I am happy to meet with you prior to my first shift to become familiar with your policies and protocols. I will earn your clients’ trust and always offer the best medical care for their pet. My clear and thorough medical records will facilitate follow up after my shift.

I am available to provide local veterinary relief services on a short or long term basis in the Denver metro area. I am also open to multi-day jobs in more distant portions of the state.


References available upon request.


Colorado & Maryland


USDA Accredited


I carry my own professional liability and health insurance

Welcome pet owners!

***During this period of required social distancing, I am offering “distance” behavioral consultations provided via a combination of email, phone, and video. As we spend more time at home, the behavior challenges of our pets become more noticeable. As outings are decreased, many of our dogs experience boredom leading to disruptive behaviors. Or maybe you have some extra time and are finally ready to tackle that long-standing issue. I am available to help address your pet’s challenges large or small. Please contact me for more details***

Working as a family pet veterinarian for over a decade I increasingly recognized how detrimental pet behavioral issues were to the human animal bond. These “problem” behaviors often lead to frustration, anxiety, and guilt in family members, as well. I also recognized how significantly fear and anxiety can affect a pet – and it’s family’s – quality of life; from our ability to provide medical care to the pet to the family’s ability to enjoy entertaining friends in their home, so many aspects of our pets’ and our lives can be directly and indirectly impacted by fear and anxiety based behavior issues.

By diagnosing and treating the cause of pet behavior issues, and by educating clients about animal behavior, I learned I can have a powerful impact on the lives of my patients and clients.


I offer a behavior consultation service to pet owners to assess and address concerning behaviors; I can also provide tools to prevent many common behavior issues from developing. In most cases, consultations will be performed in your home.

Many problem behaviors may be related to a medical issue; I will work with your regular veterinarian as needed to diagnose and treat any relevant health issues. For this reason, most pets should have been seen by their regular veterinarian within the last year and have a current Rabies vaccination prior to their behavior consultation. After our consultation, I will provide both you and your veterinarian a summary of my findings and recommendations.

If you would like more information on my services, including information on rates and service area, please email me. I look forward to serving you and your pet!

What to expect...

Prior to our consultation, I will have you complete a questionnaire detailing your concerns and giving me necessary background information. Armed with this information, I will come to our consultation with a tentative diagnosis and appropriate management and treatment options. I will refine my diagnosis during the consultation as I talk with you and observe and examine your pet. Then we will discuss management and treatment options as well as prognosis and other resources that may be helpful. All recommendations are tailored to your individual needs and abilities. Following our consultation, I will email you a detailed summary including treatment and management recommendations, additional resources, and follow up recommendations.

Treatment of behavioral issues is generally multi-faceted and can take many different forms including: training (of our pets and us!), behavior modification, appropriate exercise, nutritional supplements, medication, and many other tools.

I offer email follow up to all clients after their initial appointment (I love to hear how pets and families are progressing and to help them tweak our treatment plan!). More complicated issues may require a follow up in-person consultation, as well.

Work With Me

I look forward to working with you. Please contact me for more details on services, rates, scheduling, or with any other questions.

Heather Graddy, DVM